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Nahan is an independent, family-owned and operated Commercial Print, Direct Mail and Digital Solutions service provider located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. As a leader in the printing industry, Nahan is the go-to resource committed in providing end-to-end solutions that add value to your communications supply chain.

For over 50 years, we have continually invested in industry leading technology and equipment, and are an enduring leader in environmentally sustainable business practices.

Headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Nahan encompasses an inclusive portfolio of products and services. As part of our company’s customer-first approach we join collaboratively with our customers, engage in fully understanding their needs, share strategic and creative insights that deliver state-of-the-art solutions with high quality and high value.


Listen • Impress • Deliver

As a nationwide provider of integrated Commercial Print, Direct Mail and Digital Solutions, we have had the honor of partnering with some of the most recognized and well respected brand names in the world. Our reputation for collaborative expertise, innovation and impressive quality has driven long-term collaborative partnerships with a list of elite clientele. Nahan is all about mutual success for you, your clients and Nahan.

Raising industry standards and more importantly, pleasing our clients with our capabilities is the cornerstone of Nahan, ultimately it's all about making you and your brand look great. We know to accomplish this it’s more than the equipment or technology we have, it’s about the diverse blend of experienced professionals and innovative thinkers working together striving to: Listen. Impress. Deliver.


Attentiveness, Knowledgeable Inquiries and Confirmation of Client Expectations.

Nahan is a team of leading experts with hands on knowledge and real world experience in dealing with the challenges of today’s Print and Direct Mail marketplace. Listening intently is critical for project managers to generate a plan that addresses all the project specifics, achieving imperative completion dates and maintaining budget. Whether it's a client, vendor, or a fellow employee, understanding the job and getting it right begins with listening.


Surpassing the anticipated.

When great just isn't good enough, turn to Nahan to leave a powerful impression! We understand that it's not always the tangibles that leave lasting impressions. With the knowledge base, training and tools at Nahan—and the experience of the Nahan service team community at your fingertips—you'll be equipped for success. The support you will find will help you engage your business associates in meaningful ways that get to the heart of their business challenges and goals.


Speak through results.

Nahan is in the business of providing solutions that are customized for each client including manufacturing plans that ensure enterprise value is built over the long term. Our team offers an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and cumulative proven experience in delivering superior performance – each and every time.


A Family-owned Tradition of Dedication

From left to right:
Mike Nahan (CEO/Owner), Tracy Nahan (Owner), Danny Nahan (Owner)

Founded in 1962 by Jim and Helen Nahan, our family started with 15 employees. Looking to the future, Jim laid out his guiding principles for the company by establishing a strong focus on quality, exemplary customer service and continuous improvement. Through Jim's philosophy we have seen incredible growth and branched into a much broader service. What was once only a 15-person print shop is now home to 450 employees, two large divisions in both custom printing and direct mail and operates as one name, Nahan. Our growth has taken us beyond being just a print shop, we are Nahan and that is more than just the tangibles, much more. Sure we've expanded, but we still hold strong to those family roots that have bound the company together since 1962.


A commitment to giving back

As a guiding principal, Nahan is committed to community involvement. Throughout the year, Nahan supports a variety of community organizations and programs including, but not limited to, United Way, Catholic Charities, March of Dimes, American Heart Association, Our Local Cancer Association, Partners In Education/Junior Achievement, MN Food Drive, and Toys for Tots.



Perfection is what it takes to be the best of the best. Nahan produces smart, beautiful work that has a deep impact. Our work amazes judges with its innovation, and wows them with its meticulous craft and thoughtful technique. But most importantly, it makes them feel that the future of printing is in capable hands.

Sappi North American Printer of the Year
  • 2018 Gold, Catalog
  • 2018 Silver, Catalog
  • 2017 Gold, Catalog
  • 2016 Silver, Catalog
  • 2015 Silver, Catalog
  • 2014 Gold, Catalog
  • 2014 Silver, Catalog (2)
  • 2014 Silver, Printer's Own Promotion
  • 2013 Gold, Catalog
Gold Ink Awards
  • 2018 Silver, Consumer Catalogs, Web
  • 2018 Pewter, Consumer Catalogs, Web
  • 2018 Pewter, Commercial Printing, Dimensional Printing
  • 2017 Gold, Consumer Catalogs, Web
  • 2017 Silver, Consumer Catalogs, Web
  • 2017 Pewter, Consumer Catalogs, Web (3)
  • 2017 Silver, Specialty Magazines, Web
  • 2017 Pewter, Specialty Magazines, Web
  • 2016 Gold, Consumer Catalogs, Web
  • 2016 Bronze, Specialty Magazines, Sheet fed
  • 2016 Gold Specialty Magazines, Web
  • 2016 Pewter, Various Categories
  • 2014 Silver, Direct Mail
  • 2014 Silver, Brochures Web
  • 2014 Pewter, Consumer Catalog (2)
  • 2013 Bronze, Specialty Magazines
  • 2012 Gold, Newspaper Inserts
  • 2012 Silver, Brochures Web
USPS (United States Postal Service) – National Postal Forum
  • 2016 Irresistible Mail Award, Direct Mail (first ever recipient)
Printing Industries of America (PIA) Awards
  • 2018 Certificate of Merit, Promotional Campaigns, Consumer
  • 2017 Certificate of Merit, Product Catalogs (2)
  • 2017 Award of Recognition, Magazines
  • 2015 Best of Category, Web Press Printing
  • 2014 Award of Recognition, Web Press Printing
  • 2014 Award of Recognition, Other Magazine
Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) Awards
  • 2018 Best of Category, Promotional Campaign
  • 2018 Certificate of Merit, Product/Service Catalog (4)
  • 2018 Certificate of Merit, Direct Mail
  • 2017 Best of Class, Promotional Campaign
  • 2017 Best of Division, Product/Service Catalog
  • 2017 Certificate of Merit, Direct Mail (2)
  • 2017 Certificate of Merit, Promotional Campaign
  • 2016 Best of Class, Product/Service Catalog
  • 2016 Certificate of Merit, Product/Service Catalog (5)
  • 2016 Certificate of Merit, Direct Mail (2)
  • 2015 Best of Class, Catalog
  • 2015 Best of Class, Magazine Insert
  • 2015 Best of Class, In Store Promotional
  • 2015 Best of Class, Retail Advertising Insert
  • 2014 Best of Division, Magazine Inserts
  • 2014 Best of Class, Magazine Inserts
  • 2014 Best of Class, Die cuts, Pop-ups, Unique Folds & Involvement Devices

"Such a pleasure working with everyone at Nahan. Thank you for all your efforts - especially taking care of me on this one."
- Print Production Manager, Neiman Marcus

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