Environmental Initiatives

It is of ever-growing concern that companies in the modern day follow environmentally conscious actions. It has long been Nahan's promise to our community that we follow sound environmental practices in all areas of our business and strive to stay current with these initiatives. To reduce our own carbon footprint we dedicate our daily lives to reuse and recycle our waste, an extremely important practice for any company, but especially one in our industry.

The goals we have laid out for ourselves are to:
  • Reduce and/or prevent pollution
  • Recycle, reclaim and recycle waste that cannot be prevented
  • Maximize energy efficiency throughout our facility
  • Maintain high employee awareness and involvement in environmental initiatives
  • Seek continuous improvements in all activities that have an environmental impact

Beyond simply our own actions, we also have the ability as well as the desire to help our customers in their quest for the same cause. We offer a number of solutions that can help your message get out to the world while still treading lightly on the environment and minimizing your own footprint.

  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • SOC Certificate
  • G7 Certificate
  • FSC Certificate
  • INX Certificate
  • IPA Certificate
  • SFI Certificate
  • USPS Certificate